Short Drink Glasses (x4) Séduire Second Choice

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Set of 4 short drink glasses made from brown Bordeaux bottles.

Handmade in our workshop, each piece is unique. It is even more true for this batch which is composed of pieces from our “Second Choice” stock. They all have slight defects, which you can see in the photo (small scratch, bubble in the glass,…).

Characteristics :
Logo: old
Dimensions: H 9 cm (+/-2 mm) – Ø 7 cm
Capacity: 25 cl
Color: Cinnamon (elegant alliances of brown notes)
Recycled glass


  • Made with tenderness in France 🖐️😍
  • INPI protection 💡
  • Shipment: Standard – Express 🚛
  • Dishwasher safe 💧

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