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Book “le bouchon en liège”


Typologie is a collection of books edited and produced by four designer friends: Guillaume Bloget, Raphaël Daufresne, Thélonious Goupil and Guillaume Jandin. Through this publication, they wish to share their questioning and their discoveries about the objects that surround us. By systematically focusing their attention on a Typology, they try to better understand the meaning of their form and their place in our imagination.

This issue looks at this ubiquitous object and gives it all the attention its beauty deserves, from the first cut specimens of the 16th century to contemporary agglomerated versions. It presents the cultivation of cork in the cork oak forests of Portugal, its artisanal harvesting and addresses the issues of this industry which subtly mixes the machine and the hand. It questions the object in its use and its role in the aging of wine. After reading this issue, the reader will be able to understand the reason for his attachment to this consumable and discover its importance in the ritual of wine tasting.

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