At the origin of the brand, there is no particular strategy. Just a fleeting vision, a basic idea after a party with friends. The idea of cutting a bottle of wine in half to make a glass.

Upcycling is at the root of the story, just as the CSR dimension is at the root of the company’s logic. Q de bouteilles works with the iconic glass bottle, respecting its history and function.
Recycle for pleasure as much as for duty. Transform, without distorting.

The ambition? To create the classics of tomorrow, that is to say, reasoned objects that combine a respectful production method with a timeless shape. Collections of objects with an elementary and functional aesthetic, in harmony with their time. A beautiful translation of the happy sobriety. Universal, the brand is based on affective values, personal to Victoire and Gauthier, who run the company.

It is the reflection of a contemporary, humble couple, for whom ambition is only the result of a work that rests above all on the desire to do well, to think, to create, to manufacture, simply, in harmony.


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